Anyone waiting for the first patch update before buying?

Really really want to get this, but not sure if i should wait until the first patch update. Anyone who already purchased it, how are your plugins working… any noticeable issue with OS, VST’s, ETC???

The real question is - does it knock out your existing Cubase 7 or 7.5? If not, who cares if it isn’t perfect yet?

It doesn’t touch your existing 7.x. I have both running simultaneously here. No problems found yet.

Didnt even realize this… thanks. Installing!

Good to know! somehow i forgot that the older version is still there!

up and running with loads of third party vst’s all working perfectly…

Since we haven’t been focussing on recording music for a while, I just went and got the upgrade. Was a relatively modest AU$140. This will give me time to get used to it, and set up new templates, ready for next year.

And the spare Cubase licence I upgraded to 7.5 last month to get it ready to sell, was automatically upgraded for free during the eLicenser Manager Maintenance process.

Awesome… cant wait to boot it up. That render new render in place function is what i’m excited for!

Thanks and thumbs up for everyone!

So far 8.0.0 has not broken anything for me. A few things have actually improved! How refreshing. :mrgreen:

Thinking about it, the upgrade from 7 for the two licenses was:

  1. $50 for 7 to 7.5 + $140 from 7.5 to 8 = $190
  2. $50 for 7 to 7.5 + free 7.5 to 8 = $50.

The later is just because I happened to leave the 7 to 7.5 upgrade until within 8’s grace period. The lesson is that, if you have spare licenses, don’t rush to keep them updated, but pick your times judiciously!

Of course, with the first, I have been able to use it for a year.


Already bought it, but now I’m going through reinstalling the OS and then I’ll install C8. Finally, Bounce in Place and a Plugin Manager. Very excited about these and the rest of the features!

Aloha guys,

Can’t get it yet.
The on-line ‘Buy’ page only list American Express and Diners Club credit cards. No Visa.

I e-mailed them and they responded quickly (nice) saying they will look into it.

Fingers crossed.

Good luck!

Seems to be a very good update with a bunch of long time asked for features/improvements:

  • Performance, Render-In-Place, VCA faders, Window handling, Plugin manager, new Chord functions and so on.
    Nicely priced too.

But still gonna wait for some patches before buying it. Especially waiting for this fundamental issue to finally be fully fixed (elastique out of sync issue):

Also, I don’t know how big portion of the >200 remaining issue reports for C7 that has been fixed in C8 yet, but I guess there’s still a big backlog of issues remaining (mostly smaller ones though). Plus the new ones coming up…

So, yes, gonna wait a while for some patches before updating.

Not working very well. workspaces are buggy and the graphical display does some pretty insane stuff right now

it works as long as you don’t try to change workspaces. if you do change them, you have to resize everything again because for some reason it wants to zoom out on all of your windows.

It doesn’t look 100% stable yet but I suppose the first updates will tide it up a lot(I hope so).
I have to admit that 7.5 was looking (and working great) from day 1.
Patience is all we need!!!

just wanted to say that when they finally patch it it’s going to be awesome. the thing looks great.

i love steinberg stuff i’m just a little annoyed that this one got released like this. I wasted quite a few hours trying to figure out what was going on

It seems that most people having graphical issues are those not using Aero, which is unfortunate since enabling it gives you more processing power for your projects. However, I do understand if people don’t like its looks, so I hope the issue gets resolved.