Anyone want to do a VST Connect session together?

I want to do a trial run session with someone who wants to do the same before I try to connect with someone for a “real” session. I feel pretty comfortable with setting up a session on my end but want to make certain I work out all the kinks. We can each spend a bit of time as producer then performer so you can get dialed in as well. I just want to record some audio and MIDI (both ways) so I feel solid. I have VST Connect Pro - I want to make sure the HD file delivery works. Let me know… would be nice to “hang out” for a bit in these days of social distancing.


Sure, happy to help. PM me

Would one of you be able to connect with me tomorrow so I can test as well? I’ve been having some issues with a client and we’re both getting frustrated…

Hi did you manage to get anyone to test with? im also looking at trying this out to should be free most days this week (mon-fri)

Krevvy and amoscarlen… Sorry, been away from the forums for a few days. I’m still up for a Connect session. PM me if you still want to connect.


here too - PM me (german time zone !)