Anyone want to suggest decent wah/filter/mod VST?

Just got a new computer for the studio, and dropped my UAD-1 card. Unfortunately, a bunch of the little free plugins seem to have been dropped, too, like the UAD1 Phasor and filter mod effects.

So, now I’m looking for a decent filter/wah effect! Anyone want to suggest something to me? Thanks…

Dropping an UAD-1 for less than an UAD-2 is … not wise…LOL
The plugs are just too good.

Just google…there are plenty usable free collections out there. etc…

I dropped the UAD1, but still have the UAD2 Quad! I had only kept the UAD1 for Nigel - but the new system has no spare PCI slot, so out it went.

I didn’t realize that the modulation filters I used so much were all modules that belonged to Nigel! Bummer.

I know there are plenty of freebies - I’ve found a bunch - just wondering if anyone had any favorites they’d like to recommend.

On the cheap, check out the selection on offer at

On the less cheap, SoundToys are the daddy of effects … - terrific stuff.

I ended up going the Amplitube route, and using their stompboxes. Pretty nice amp emulations here! Especially the rotary - VERY convincing!

Still, a look at SoundToys is well worth it ! Those are amazing.

OK, Mathias! I will definitely check it out!