Anyone want to try n make a Co-lab Song?

Hello I’d like to try the VST Connect app. Would anyone like to try and get this up and running with me. I’m a Philly producer,and a pretty tech savvy fella. I think we can make this work.

I noticed no one answered your question. What kind of project are you thinking of? I am in California, have a small studio and am currently setting up Connect Pro 3.

Best, Ted

ganjabase2000, look around the forum, I recall a thread of those interested in making VST Connections.

On a related note, if I can’t get VST Connect to work on a simple LAN… (have yet to see if I can get the new version of Pro going - not ruling it out and hoping it will work) but I’m not going to waste anyone else’s time until I am comfortable and familiar with a working set-up. Maybe that might respond to you are in a similar position. But again, check around the forum. I believe there is talent’s and studio’s in that thread.


I assume you know that Se doesn’t support LAN operation, but pro 3 does. I have it running.


One of the main reasons I bought Pro was so to learn it myself (via LAN) before involving others. Unfortunately the verison prior to the new version I couldn’t get to work well enough… So I learned… frustration… Not that I haven’t already learned that from AutoCAD (I find witnesses when it does strange stuff, latest being something I’d describe as quantum physics) …shrug… It’s a kick in the side to have the new version of VST Connect Pro come out at a launch price $50 less in about a month from my original purchase… Other than a couple annoying but minor bugs. I think the new version is going to work better.