Anyone working with Cubase 10 successfully?

Greetings to all,
I wanted to know your views on upgrading to Cubase 10 from 9.5.41? Is anyone in the forum recording pretty much normally or without a lot of issues? I’m aware that just about with every upgrade there’s quite a few bugs that need to be corrected. For some reason, I cannot get MIDI to record properly (always records before the beat or after). Have applied all work-arounds that were given. Maybe I missed one or two? This is very annoying. Spending more time editing MIDI than recording the idea. And it seems the more powerful the machine, the less VSTi"s , or plugins I can use. Maybe it’s probably about right, but it just seems like the computer should be able to handle a lot larger load! I’ve been reading a lot of posts on the new release ver. 10, and it seems worse than 9.5. I really would like to have input on this version. Someone is trying to convince me to try Studio One. But I just cannot seem to bring myself to that. I very much prefer Cubase any day! I’ve been with Steinberg ever since Cubase Audio XT…Thanks for all input. :question: :neutral_face:

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PS Has anyone had to “trash preferences” with this update :neutral_face: There should be a “trash and reset preferences button” in the UI…

Absolutely I am here. Actually, now that I did a fresh install of Mojave on my Mac. There are definitely some bugs as with any release (and some things in workflow that need major fixing) but the release is super stable here, with MIDI and audio recording correctly. Sorry you’re having issues – that must be a real drag.

No problems here

Working well

Best Regards, Dave

Working great here too. I started fresh with no preferences from C9 (still on my 5 years old win7 64 install). So had to set C10 up again, but in the process learned a few things too.

I upgraded to Cubase Pro 10 from Cubase Pro 9.5.41. No significant issues so far. The projects of earlier versions are loading in v10 without any problem. It is working really great. More smooth, more speedy than earlier version.
Only the issues I experienced that Auto Tune, Kush UBK-I, Clariphonic DSP MK II, Electra DSP & Pusher (all 64 bits) are crashing Cubase while loading.

working fine on my mac pro 2012, no crashes or strange behaviour at all. Didnt record any big sessions with 10 yet, but for mixing, and general testing, importing older projects, (with plugs and all) no problems to report. My grief for years is: cubase still dont remember to put mixconsole 3 on my monitor 3, hate the DOP…

Works here too.
I had an attack of laziness and used prefs from the previous version and … well, it just works, so … :sunglasses:
Some minor details maybe misbehaving but the big picture is that it works at least as good as C9.5

Working well here. No problems recording MIDI and Audio, editing etc. (Upgraded from 9.5.41)

Positive experience here as well. It’s some minor stuff behaving odd but really non-dramatic, given it’s a .0 release. Hope the first update will remove most of it.

Fresh install of Sierra and C 10 working well here.

Mine is working fine too. Old and new projects… mostly audio & instrument tracks. No issues. RIP and mixdown no issues either. My workflow now is slightly different but, once getting used to it, is the same or even slightly faster. From day one release and install, no crashes at all. My CB runs continually for about 6 hours per day.

Of course there would be some slight software changes if I was in charge at Steinberg. But, most would be for my liking and most likely would not be wanted by other users. So, for the changes I want I have posted feature requests and +1’d others. Have fun! :wink:

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I’m working on a fresh install of Cubase Pro 10.0.5 on a fresh install of macOS Mojave. So far, I’m not experiencing any troubles. I’ve not installed any third party plugins yet and I’ve only imported tracks recorded somewhere else to work on so I haven’t fully tested my system yet.

Updated mine. No new install just upgraded on win 10 and working great

Great news! I guess we all like to get positive feedback on our music software! Thanks to all. I think I will download it for Christmas! Everyone have a good one and thanks again for replying. It really helps in making this decision.

Unfortunately nope, crashes all the time.


All OK here!

Jim B

My timing sucks anyway so i wouldn’t notice. Seems stable on my new build. Not sure what you mean by more powerful machine, my track count, vsti load is off the scale now.

Works ok here. Had a crash or two, came across some small functional defects, nothing major. Saw some weird GUI stuff with some plugins. Overall, I can work with it but it’s definitely due for an update or two to clean some things up as expected.

Hello Dear Friends and many Season Greetings

I decided and I bought Steinberg’s UR44 audio card, which is essentially a Yamaha-made card for Steinberg (according to the manufacturer’s label tags!!!).
After I installed the UR44, Windows saw it normally (in the device manager of windows) and named it as UR44.
My computer is the HP 17- ak091nd dual - core AMD 3.2Mhz and has 8Gb RAM processor and Windows 10 operating system, quite good for the use of the Cubase Artist 10 software needs.
I also have the Yamaha’s MONTAGE7 which has each own audio card inside that of course it is made by Yamaha too.
So we have two Yamaha’s audio cards in the same system. Yamaha’s MONTAGE audio card & Steinberg’s UR44 (also Yamaha’s audio card).
Inside Windows 10 device manager BOTH CARDS ARE USING THE SAME DIVICE DRIVER but they have it’s own place in the audio devices list inside Cubase !!!

Cubase Artist 10, can see EACH TIME only ONE OF THEM as an audio card and there are several problems created by that.
Cubase can not see separately the MONTAGE and the UR44, since both cards use the same driver !!!
There is no two deferent cards choices appearing in the Cubase program ASIO Driver list MONTAGE and UR44. There is only one driver !!!
I can not send any VST instruments or any audio, to the Digital and Assign Outs that MONTAGE has.

In the device setup of Cubase Artist 10 only a Yamaha Asio Driver USB card is shown, and it is only the UR44 card.
There no choice for the MONTAGE card. Of course in MIDI device setup, MONTAGE is seen on MIDI ports.

In addition, it seems that both cards are occupied (because of this driver problem) and for example, I can not use the UR-44 for Cubase and the MONTAGE card with some other application !!!

Thank you very much for hearing me and have a good day !!!

Hey Martin mine crashes also… Did you find any solutions?