Anything else similar to a CC121 for control room control?

Hi folks - wondering what people are using for a USB midi controller to control the Steinberg control room, mainly switching between up to 4 monitors and a dedicated volume pot? I’m loving my CC121 but about to switch from PC to Mac Studio M1 and from what I’ve read that’s not going to work…

Hi , Ian
I actually use a Beatsteps completely mapped out just for the control room and zoom functions , works very well indeed , it was old a battered and laying around doing nothing so repurposed the old kit


I just pump the feed out through my interface to a Mackie Big Knob and do all the switching and volume control there. Works much better and I can route my system audio there too via usb connection.

I don’t work in 5.1 however so don’t think this way would handle .that.

Thanks - ah if only they did the Mackie Big Knob passive but with USB just as a midi controller - I don’t want to actually route any cables as my desktop would be a mess, and I don’t need anything with USB audio - I literally just need a remote to control Cubase’s internal control room functions.

that Beatstep config is kinda cool - good to know that any controller can be assigned I’ve always just used the CC121’s default pre-programmed settings for CR.

If that’s the case then maybe this would work:-
Found a vid of someone using it to replace the ai control from the CC121

He doesn’t specifically use it for Control Room switching and volume in that vid but presumably it could be programmed to do so (?)