Anything in WE for home hobbyist Cubase Pro 9 user?

Hi - I use Cubase Pro 9 on W10 (specs below) mainly to generate single song projects I share with friends and family via Soundcloud. Definitely way down on the music food chain!

Maybe one day I’ll make a proper album out of the songs, but till then I wouldn’t be needing a lot of the mastering parts of WE that are dedicated to that.

I was wondering if there might be something in WE that might be helpful to someone doing what I do, even if they don’t use 90% of the other parts of WE. Maybe better time stretching? Better/easier analysis of files? It wouldn’t need to be much to justify a $99 expenditure, but it does need to be something that would either make it much easier to get something done compared with Cubase Pro 9, or something really useful that is lacking altogether there.

Thanks for any thoughts!

A similar question was answered quite eloquently by Justin P’s article a little while back:
Wavelab vs Cubase for digital singles mastering
The short answer is, if you need to ask, possibly not, but give the trial a go and I think you’ll soon be converted!

Thanks, MrSoundman.

Looks like I’m OK at least for a while sticking with Cubase Pro 9. I appreciate the link!