Anything we can do about duplication when changing grouped dynamics?

Tired of this happening.

Is anyone else seeing this? Is this intentional? Am I expected always to ungroup dynamics before altering them?

You’ve got some problems there though. When you selected the mf, it was anchored in three places. That tells me you likely made an error entering the dynamics originally.

I don’t experience the issue you’ve recorded here. And I always group dynamics.

If you delete that hairpin, I suspect there are some underlying issues that may be revealed.

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Assuming what I hear on playback is not the litmus test for properly input dynamics, then what is? Is it clicking a dynamic and seeing how many anchors it has?
Take this example:

What indicator would have told me that changing the dynamic to fp would have been fine, but changing it to p would have duplicated it? It doesn’t seem intuitive, to me.

(As an aside, why does the beginning dynamic show up as p in the edit field, instead of mf-p? Is that expected behavior? If so, then according to what rule? Is it an intuitive rule?)

I agree with you about the initial dynamic behavior being very unintuitive. When you click on the ending dynamic in the second example, do you get those two anchor points as well?


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So, I saw how you entered the second example, and that looks correct to me. I don’t have an explanation for the addition of the first dynamic, but the last dynamic should replace correctly if you enter the entire phrase correctly. I think that’s the reason for the error you were asking about in your first post.

Yes, as long as the new dynamic is not a compound dynamic, I can change the end dynamic just fine after deleting all of the dynamics and then re-entering them. (Changing the end dynamic to a compound dynamic results in a new marking.)

I have no idea how the end dynamic was assigned multiple anchors, but going forward, I’ll try to make sure that there’s no more than one anchor per dynamic, thanks.

I wonder what the solution might be in the second case, though. Apart from the duplication caused (apparently) by changing a compound dynamic to a single one (or vice versa), the edit field showing piano for what is clearly a mezzoforte piano marking is worrisome.

I must admit I’ve not sussed exactly how Dorico handles editing dynamics (Sometimes I get multiple entries, other times the popover edits the original) But usually I have more success ungrouping groups, editing an element, and then re-grouping.

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Yes, as I intimated in my initial post, simply ungrouping everything is the workaround.

At the very least, though, it would be nice if Dorico did that behind the scenes. Internally, it should probably just ungroup, effect the edit made by the user, then regroup. That seems to work fine every time.


You could perhaps get around sometimes by using the key commands ”increase dynamic intensity” or ”decrease dynamic intensity”. (I’m not quite sure if these were the correct names)