Anyway to arrange order of multiple VSTi outputs?

I’m setting up a template where I’m routing several channels internal to BFD3 to separate outputs in Cubase. This is easy enough to do by enabling the additional outputs in the Rack. However, I would like to rearrange the order of the outputs in the MixConsole. But since these outputs don’t show up in the Project Window there doesn’t seem to be any way to change the order. This is probably a “just live with it” situation, but I figured I’d ask if anyone knows a way to do this.

Not really rack savy here - dont think ive ever touched it…


Cant you just make an instrument track and a bunch of midi tracks to go with it? - at least that will give you control in the mix console…?

(Just an idea- obviously its different strokes for different folks;) )

No. It is multiple audio outputs on an Instrument Track (which you have to use the rack to enable even though it’s not a Rack Instrument) that I want to reorder. However right after posting I did figure it out - but when I tried to delete the post I couldn’t because you’d replied so fast :astonished:

Anyway, here’s how to do it. If I use Show Automation to see the automation lanes on my BFD track it shows a lane for each audio output. Changing the order here also changes it in the MixConsole. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wow, that’s useful to know, thanks :slight_smile:

For those that DO use the rack, once you have enabled which outputs you wish to use then just drag to reorder in the cubase inspector pane… THAT simple!

Just thought i would use the crash and screen freeze i am experiencing right now to come back to this one…

I tried it using the rack… Its quite nice with the multi out. Up to now i used to use one inst channel per sound… I guess this is nice for multi instruments…

But, how did you go about separating the midi input for each output?
(I.e. Midi ch.1 to output 1&2. - midi ch.2 speaks to output 3&4 etc?)
-> when i change the midi channel on a different output lane, all output channels jump to that midi channel.?!

Thx for some insight:)

Need to reboot frozen pc quick and mourn over lost work while i do it…
Maybe i will lie down under my desk in a fetal position and try not to cry while it reboots…:stuck_out_tongue:

Editedit: also love the channel configuration button that does absolutely nothing… It should switch from stereo to mono and vice versa, but its cheap decoration and witness to features unfinished atm…:stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: hooold on… This isnt really multi output is it? I should be able to put :
midi event/channel 1 on output 1/2
Midi event/channel 2 on output 3/4
Etc.-> seems like a flimsy implementation…

-> matt-> how do you rearange in the inspector? I can only choose which output goes to which lane, but i cant rearange em…?!?

Edit edit-> or am not seeing something here?

For me, i see it like this:

Add some outputs, and the parent intrument track will add “sub” inst.track channels in its structure…
Just how it is now, but every output has its own set of midi events and midi channels.
(Just like many inst tracks in a folder so to speak-> one “sub” track per output. (With its own lanes and what not)
-> i do not see the current implementation as feasable… (Then again, maybe i am overlooking something?)

To move tracks just select the relevant track/s in the main arrange window and left click/hold/drag them to where you want them… this will obviously also reorder them in the mixer window/s too.

I generally route all my aux effects to their own common bus so i can mute them all in one go should i wish, i like to have this channel as the very last before my main outs so i use this method to place my ‘Aux FX SUM’ bus where i wish.

Lol, when i tried to move the “multi outputs” before , i only got a red line… Thats why i asked…
Its a green line now… All good:)

Yeah -> pressing mute on parent container -> another decoration button it seems;)

Edit: i like to have as little clutter and tracks as i can… Like with the multi out, i prefer to have it all neatly contained in one entity so to speak…
The way it is now, there are 7 tracks needed for 3 outputs of a single instrument…
(The container, the output channels, the midi channels for the outputs)
I think we could manage with less fo the same task… (Combine output with midi)
So, besides the container, 3 tracks for 3 tracks playing… I like it organised n neat in my arranger:p

Keep in mind that the audio outputs and midi inputs are not necessarily related to each other. While you can have a one-to-one correspondence between the midi & audio channels, you don’t need to. In my OP example the BFD3 drumkit is all being driven by a single midi channel. But the audio outs were from BFD3’s internal mixer. Specifically I routed the kick, snare and overhead ambient mics to individual audio outs. The reason is so I can process/mix those elements separately (e.g. adding reverb only to the snare, or separately compressing the kick). Even so I still get some kick leaking into the snare mic and vice-versa. So what is coming out of each audio out is independent of the midi channel driving it.

On the other hand I could set up an Instrument Track with a single instance of Kontakt where I have a piano on midi channel 1, bass on ch 2, and synth on ch 3 with unique audio outs for each - this would have an audio out matching each midi channel. There are two ways I could setup the midi to drive this. One would be to set the Instrument Track’s MIDI Output Channel to “Any” and program all three instruments in one MIDI Part setting each note to channel 1, 2 or 3 as appropriate. This method can be confusing and cumbersome, but it does work.

The second approach is to set the Instrument Track’s MIDI Output Channel to 1. Then create two additional MIDI Tracks, one each for channels 2 & 3, with their MIDI Outputs feeding the Instrument Track.

While I have used both of these methods, I typically use a separate Instrument Track for each VSTi because it is easier.

True. But my initial problem was that the newly created audio outputs on the Instrument Track’s VSTi were not visible in the Project Window (until I discovered them hidden as automation lanes). So there didn’t appear to be any tracks to drag into a different order.