anyway to change 'Download' to 'disk'?

I upgraded my Cubase pro 8.5 from AI version. I upgraded to Download version of CUbase Pro.
However, I’m kind of stuck on downloading it since it’s too big size, and internet is too slow to download ir.
Is there anyway to switch this ‘download’ to a ‘CD or DVD’???

Thanks so much for all of your help!

I don’t think that’s an option, if you’re having trouble downloading Cubase Pro you should use a download manager. That will allow you to resume the download if something goes wrong.

Also note that unlike Cubase AI and Elements, Cubase Pro actually requires an eLicenser USB dongle. You’ll have to buy one if you don’t have one already.

Don’t worry. I already have a dongle.
Where should I find that download manager? I just downloaded Cubase pro in my product and download section.

Thanks so much for your answer!

I mean a third party download manager, Steinberg doesn’t have an official one for Cubase (yet).

I haven’t used many so I can’t give you a good recommendation. They can be either a browser add-on or a separate software that you have to install.

I’ve used Getright since about the bronze age… Works well!

Downloads from My Steinberg use unique URL’s and have a timeout period so do not support resume. I think you need to contact support to request a special, semi-permanent URL. I had this problem a while back when I had a very slow internet connection.