Anyway to force a stuck instance of Cubase to close?

Cubase sometimes freezes on me, and i’ll either not be able to do anything or everything will work other than sound playback.

I’m still to get the bottom of why, but that’s another issue.

What i’d like to know is if there is a way to force the Cubase process to end after i’ve force closed Cubase when it freezes? (Win10x64)

The main Cubase.exe stays in my processes list and won’t close whatever I try and do, and it won’t let me re-open Cubase without Cubase crashing. I can either wait about 20mins and it will eventually close, or I can restart my computer. Both are of course a real disruption to workflow so i’m keen to see if there is a way to force the process to terminate.

Most “stuck” Windows programs can be closed using Windows Task Manager. Does that not work for you? If not, you might try signing out of your Windows account & then signing back in which would be quicker than a reboot if it works.

I always reboot, you could easily have audio/midi drivers hanging even after you kill the Cubase process . That can lead to a lot of problems and crashes. That 1 minute it takes to reboot, and fire up Cubase is time well spent.


Can I have your system?