anyway to go back to 10.0.10

ive installed the newest update but mediabay is now very very slow and it seems like projects are now using up more cpu is there anyway I can go back and install 10.0.10 ?that version was great it was very stable and mediabay was superfast its now taking a few mins now sometimes to see stuff its a pain now.

Don’t know what OS you are using but if Windows 10 (similar process for other versions of Windows too)…

Go to Settings>Apps>Program and Features (on the right)>View Installed Updates. Then right click on the update to uninstall it.

For Mac… I can’t help.

Regards :sunglasses:

prock many many thanks I never knew this could be done in windows 10 …I clicked on the 10.0.15 and uninstalled and it has reverted back to 10.0.10 ill give it a try now and check if its ok.

thanks its working now…mediabay is loading superfast again