Anyway to import a section of audio part?

Is there a way to import to cubase a section of audio file? For example I need to import only 5 seconds audio from 10 minutes audio file.
It’s saves space and converting and copying times…
( It’s possible with Audio CD import)

You can do this with MediaBay.

Afraid this a Nuendo only feature :frowning:

Not in front of cubase now,but at work with N5.5. I can select a section of audio in media bay and import it,but it actually copy/convert the all file. It think adding importing section with medybay and OS browser(a real copy of the section) would be very beneficial

A workaround could be:

  • Import the whole 10 minute file into the pool
  • Create a track with it in the arranger
  • Trim the part to the 5 seconds you need
  • Use the function “Minimize file” in the pool to trim the audiofile


You can also

  • drop the file onto a Pattern pad in GA SE4
  • click the sample tab and trim it as needed
  • create midi track in the arranger and use it from there

Just a thought

  • drop the file onto a Pattern pad in GA SE4
  • click the sample tab and trim it as needed

its not what i need, the idea is not importing the all file and then trim it, i want to make a selection from the audio file when “importing audio file” function and make the selection to be imported as a new file at the exact length of the selection.

like the audio CD import has this option in cubase(import only section of audio CD).
of course i can import the all file and bounce the selection or trim it, also i can trim the files in other audio editor as wavelab, but its kind of to long workaround and slows process.

Edit: i just work on a project that i made for a client a long time ago with many tracks of audio, and from many projects, most of the files are 25 minutes long (a long long string of songs he made :unamused: ) anyway now i need from all tracks of 25 minutes some small sections for another project of his, and in new samplerate, it just takes lot of time and space to import and convert 44 to 96 lot of 25 minute files just to use small section of it,
of course i will do it now in wavelab but it just could be much easier if i could import those section directly from import audio file with browser !

Just an fyi: here, in Nuendo 6 (I don’t have 5, only the N6 trial) dragging the looped region into the project window does what you ask.

Nice !
in N5.5 i make a selection when importing, and drag the selection to project, but it makes only event from the selection, but actually imported the all file.
i’ll take a look, maybe there are preferences or maybe im doing it wrong, or of course it maybe N6 feature and up only.