Anyway to put VCA faders in one location on the mixer?

Aloha guys,

From the videos it looks like once you create a VCAF, you may have to ‘jump’ all around the mixer to use them.
Is there a way to have them all located at the same location on the mixer?

TIA (thanks in advance)

They can be moved in the Project Window. and the Mix Console follows.

Seems to be a manual task.


Can you move tracks from within the Mix Console? Or is that still not possible?

No. It doesn’t appear you can.



Been waiting for ‘movable rails’ since SX3.

I’ve been waiting for auto-compose and auto-mix since Cubase VST :unamused:

I don’t think we’re asking for anything extraordinary here. Quite the contrary :wink:.

I imagine you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use that snide comment, but how does that relate at all to what Curteye said? :unamused:

Levity, my dear Watson.

Off the top of my head, can you not pin VCA faders to the left or right of the MixConsole? Haven’t tried it myself but I imagine you could. Might be a stop-gap solution in the interim.