Anyway to speed load of plugins?

I’ve noticed on this new system, that loading plugins take forever. when i say new its new to me, fresh clean install iMac 2019 Intel i9 72GB ram, but certain plugins give the wheel for what feels like an eternity on loading. Same happenin in pro tools?


What do you mean by loading? Do you mean while Cubase starts or do you mean to open GUI. If you mean to open the GUI (e button), hold down Shift and click the e button.

Like loading an instance in cubase. the first time its so slow

The stock plugins do load significantly faster in Cubase 12.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much that can be done about it for third party plugins besides making sure that your plugins are installed to SSDs, or upgrading your system. Stuff protected by iLok will also always be slow to startup.

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do you experience similiar ?