Anyway to toggle between sharps & flats in Key Editor?

In the Key Editor, notes on the black keys are always displayed as sharps. But you know, sometimes they really are flats. I figured there must be a preference to change this, since I don’t see a button for it in the editor (like there really should be) - but I can’t find anything. In the Score Editor the key is set to Eb and of course it displays things correctly. So is there anyway to change this?

This has given me an enharmonic headache, which I fear only a good Scotch can cure. :cry:


Regardless, the scotch will help. Perhaps a peaty Caol Ila.

As far as this enharmonic business, it would be great to have both flats and sharps in Cubase.


We’ve also got chord tracks now so the key is known by the program - it just needs to be applied where appropriate.

So was that a +1?

Ahh, a single malt man - no wonder you give such helpful advice :sunglasses:

I figured I’d just overlooked something (usually a safe bet). But now that I know it really is only sharps, I made a post in the requests forum for this.

Go give it some +1 love.