Anyway you feel

A simple traditional type love song…if you take a listen, I thank you… :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin, this one has a really nice arrangement… you take it through various instrument settings to give it variety and it all makes sense. Love the guitars, starting with an intimate close up guitar and getting to background strumming. Quite effective. And the bass is really working too, starting with something orchestral (?) and ending with an electric line that is interesting. I could only imagine that I would experiment with the EQ on the electric, maybe boost the lows and reduce the highs just a bit. That’s just a question of taste, though. Nicely done!

hi Kevin , nice song .

Thanks guys…yeah, it was an orchestral bass to start with…thought more about the bass for this song…still hate doing the bass though :frowning:

best, kevin :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey, I noticed! You should learn to love the bass! I do, even though I’m not a real bass player!


Hi Kevin,

A pretty song with some really understated yet perfect playing. I’d like more bass (I know how you feel) simply because I love the counterpoint it can provide. (And I do like a good bottom end)


Nice song. I really like the arrangement.

A good song Kevin. Nice melody and delivery.

Is this mix just a tad too bright? Or is it my tinnitus ears?

Maybe a little less verb on the acoustic bass? And I am the first
to empathise coz bass parts are my own worst nightmare.
However, as Leon says, I have come to love the challenge.

Can you make the following bass part more differentiated
with either EQ or level adjustments? I am not sure.

thanks for listening Jet…I’ll take a look at the acoustic bass…maybe there is a bit much verb on it…may be too bright also, I’ll give that a look at also…cheers, :slight_smile: :slight_smile: