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Under recommendation from Master Bane, I have decided to make a stand on the usefulness or otherwise of AOT or Always on Top, as implemented in Cubase and why I’d never want it to change, not in the first instance anyway.

AOT is great because even when there is a floating window, you can still select data “underneath” from the List Editor and if you move it out of the way you can then manipulate or edit the information.

I don’t doubt that this would work in other situations, hence my desire to have this behavior kept contrary to what seems to be mass revolt on the Steinberg boards.


From my experience, AOT in Cubase is akin to an “undock” command, allowing a window to move independent of the main Cubase window.
That “undocked” window can then be placed onto another monitor without the need to stretch the main window across multiple monitors.
Useful, IMHO.

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BTW: which did you vote?

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I voted yes.

How many simultaneous personae do you have on this board currently, Brains?

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Thank you for voting but what exactly did you mean?

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I personally like AOT, but need it for the pool, mediabay, and the others that don’t have it. Either way, working with a single monitor is tedious, AOT or not!

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this “aka” was set up in response to the deep freeze of Ernst T. Bass and the cryogenics ability of moderators.

You guys are talking about this:

I tend to agree, being lazy and not RTFM pays off but only if you are “helpful and kind” to others at a more basic level.

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I like it as well and voted to keep the current behavior but how about Steinberg giving AOT for the re-wire console?

Why should it be any different to the VST instrument rack?


yeah, “project window in background” would save some clicks …