APB sends his regards to the lounge

I was recently corresponding with Alien Pod Boy, via private message, and he asked that I extend his best wishes to all the loungers… he currently does not have a valid product which will allow him access to be able to post here… he’s looking to find LE4 to change all that.


(and on his behalf I will say…)

Silly Humans!

There should be a sub-forum here called “Soup Bowl”… for all the crackers! :mrgreen:

Apparently he is still on Cubase VST 5, which does not qualify, for some it is hard to get with the times, a cracker, don’t think so. :astonished: :laughing:

But you do have a point…

I was kidding… :slight_smile: At my age, I don’t really care much about saltines. I do like them in clam chowder and whole grain ones with cheesy spreads.

Sodium will be the great equalizer in the natural selection process of mankind in the next 50 years… its not the fat, or the red meat that will kill us, its the salt! Evil crackers indeed!

Salt is in everything these days, they add it to milk products, even just plain old milk… In Canada we have nearly double the allowable level of sodium in our food as compared to the US… someone’s trying to KILL US! :astonished: :laughing:

Done, he does have PM here BTW :nerd:

APB told me that despite his expenditure all those years ago ($570), the current Steinberg policy does not factor that in, he needs to have a newer registered product before he can lounge with the lizards. Take from that what you will. Personally I think its a little extreme too, but its not my forum, its theirs! :neutral_face:

I don’t think this apartheid works either. I used to like posting in the neundo forums as I have many music makign buddies there and the two apps are similar enough for jazz anyway.

Yeah, make one big lounge for everybody and let people with products post anywhere they want. Some creative, intelectual crossbreeding can’t hurt? Let’s say I want to buy WaveLab. I have to try to post in a low traffic area regarding Wavelab posts, with a low attendance of WaveLab geeks that knows all worth knowing about WaveLab. I’d get a better result googling for my questions!

And all the small niche products like Sequel … they’re suffocating with that low flow of topics? Let them into some “Made with Steinberg” sub forum instead like running the place like a prison, or whatever it is? Being a host has less to do with hostility than you might think … :wink:

Consolidating the forums would be a good idea, however, VST 5 users should be banished and held up for ridicule IMO. :slight_smile:

For years now Steve’s been telling us that his version of Cubase ‘exceeds all of his needs’ - apparently 'til he
finally decided to use it - and now he’s here asking for help because he can’t set the levels on a vocal track.

Haven’t we all got better things to do than giving tech support for a ten year old product to someone who
never tires of mocking those who’ve upgraded? :chin:

Let me know when you need that bass track, Steve. :wink:

It sounds sound as good as Cubase SX onwards …

I have a friend who is a purist and refuses to recording anything but the real deal the old fasioned way…real drums, no drum VSTis, real guitar and amps with no amp modelers, playing all in one pass/single performance with only punching in his solo work, singing without pitch correction (though will edit/comp his vocals).

I was talking to a mate about this style of music making the other day. It’s all too easy to get bogged down in micro editing for perfection just becuase the features are there.

I don’t know if you remember when SX was released and us Loungers did some tests. Hippo took apart as well, and we proved there was a big difference in sound. Even my ‘other half’ noticed the difference.

Yeah, I remember I got fed up with all this DAW stuff …with all the hastles etc… I decided to NOT turn it on, and for a number of weeks I wrote almost a dozen songs, sitting with just my acoustic guitar, pencil and paper. I haven’t written so many songs ever until I did this, and since.

Nail on head. I used to go out in the garden in the summer, without even an instrument, and just paper and pen/pencil. Wrote loads of songs that way. Got a general idea of tempo/feel and rough melody in my head.

Sitting at a DAW it’s so easy to create squillions of unfinished backing tracks 'cos you get bogged down in production and pre-mixing

You need to record on each DAW seperately.

Actually I did this. I had a song recorded all on keys on VST 5 (my machine which my friend eventually took over). Then I moved to SX3 and wanted to re-record it. So not exact, but many of the same sounds, layers, etc…

We both used 32Float/48KHz at that point, and we both noticed a difference in the fullness of the sound (I won’t say the purity because they both sounded good). My friend chalked it up to “better resolution”, which in music is one of those unexplainable terms which doesn’t really help prove anything. I wish I still had the old version to post as a comparison. That would have helped a lot.

Now, realistically, music recorded at the same depth and rate should be exactly the same as any other music at that depth and rate. I always wondered after the fact if VST 5 had a imperfect internal clock, which would miss the occasional sample. I do know that the old Pace/iLok dongles were engineered in such a way back then, that a lot of data had to be pumped through them continuously which really affected performance. The old catch phrase was “buy a legit version, but use a cracked version”, because cracked versions didn’t require the Pace software.

Hehe… those were the dayz.