Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter

It’s been years since using the “Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter ”. And now I have moved 1 year ago for LPX to Cubase , I wonder if anyone has found a stock plugin that can sound similar in Cubase .

There are lost of options but wonder if any are as good


Magneto maybe if you saturate the high end - for stock plugins.

I use slate’s Air which is free as an exciter. Sounds great. Why don’t you just keep using the vintage aural exciter if you like it?

I use the Waves emulation, but try the demo. I have to say I can’t honestly remember exactly how the original sounded but this works for me in most cases.

I stopped using waves yea ago , But found myself thinking about there Exciter on a project also watched a random YouTube video we’re some used it , the reason I am asking on the forum , is after 30+ year of buy 3rd party Plugins and moving back to Cubase after 35 years ! Lol. I didn’t want to buy a 3rd party plug-in if some one has found a stock one :slight_smile:

Thx again

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Apologies, I thought you had hardware and you were asking about a plugin replacement!

There isn’t a stock plugin equivalent in Cubase (at least, not yet!) but you could try any of a number of distortion effects, for example try Magneto II. For something more dramatic, you could experiment with QuadraFuzz v2.

The effect of the Aphex is subtle, so I’d suggest setting up a parallel effect send with a distortion plugin followed by a filter, preferably one with some phase shifting going on (i.e. not a linear phase EQ), and aim to add small amounts of 2nd harmonic content. Less is more.

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I did have the hardware then waves plug-in , I was thinking trying [QuadraFuzz v2] it’s a cool plug in thx