API (MIDI, VST, OSC, REST etc.) for UR Series (here UR44)


I’d like to use an UR44 live on stage and probably I only need access to a few parameters (like volume, effect depth etc.) there. I want to control these parameters through a 2in1 windows tablet with a HDPI monitor. I know, I could do this through the dspMix application, but I think it’s hard to control on a touch screen and without mouse/keyboard. As I’m a software developer myself and I’m experienced with audio and its interfaces, is there an API like MIDI, VST, OSC or REST etc. I could utilize to build my own, reduced and thus touch optmized GUI to access a certain parameter subset?


… I’m still searching for a solution to remote control dspMixFx or UR44 directly. And nobody can help?


+1 for that. I think opening up the interface to the UR devices could inspire some interesting new use cases

… seems to be really difficult to answer?


As a workaround you could buy a 25 euro bluetooth keyboard…

well … the idea was to have less gadgets flying around and to have a very easy and reduced GUI on the touch screen, which can be handled with the left hand while playing with the right hand on the MIDI keyboard in a live on stage situation. And I don’t know whether it’s more easy to do this via a bluetooth keyboard? But perhaps it could be an approach to have my application send keystrokes or mouse moves to dspMixFx. On the other hand those HDI simulations are always tricky and born to fail whenever the window position changes and most times you don’t have any response about actual fader values etc. in such a solution … a dedicated API could be much more robust and much less error prone.

I hear you and understand but all I could suggest was a workaround :wink: Plus I’m positive once you get the hang of it, you’ll make do -as many others already incorporate an iPad with touchcontrol in live situations.

Having said that I personally prefer something of a more tactile kit, both at home as in live situations. I would even go a step further and once having a dedicated minimal GUI (with Lemur/TouchOSC or so) I’d like to have it linked to a MIDI controler, preferably a footswitch since I usually play the acoustic guitar but I’d probably make more use of other iOS apps for creative control.

It’s a time in flux for musicians with all this technology becoming available at entry-level prices with low learning curves, it’s almost daunting as with what’s out there and people already do a solo musician could in theory control the entire room from sound to instruments, the PA, lights and if wanted with Apple’s Homekit he/she could probably even put on some coffee while messaging the autobot-vacuum cleaner to sweep the peanutshells of the floor :wink:

… still no one here who knows something about APIs or alternate ways to remote control the URxxx?

… perhaps there is the *.tlb or *.idl available for the MemAPI_xxx.dll ?

Meanwhile I’ve purchased a UR44 and it’s exactly like I assumed: it’ s nearly impossible to control the dspMix Software via touch on a HDPI monitor. I’ve attached a picture showing my hand on the dspMix application and another pic showing my application with full screen faders, which can easily be controlled. Please Steinberg … any ideas how to control UR44 through such a GUI? … any API or documentation of UR44s COM interface?

Thanks and best regards,

So finally I found a way to control the mixer from another application: I wrote a proxy DLL for MemAPI_UR44.dll so I’m running inside the dspMixFX process. There I’m reading the screen content i.e. fader values and offer them through a Ember+ interface. For setting new fader values I’m simulating mousemoves and clicks. Though not very smart and much more CPU intensive than it could be when having direct access, it at least seems to work.