Apogee Duet Cubase 7

Hey All,

I just had a quick question regarding an Apogee Duet (Firewire) interface I just picked up. I’ve never had an audio interface before (everything has just been in the box) and I’m having a bit of difficulty with connecting it and getting sounds in Cubase 7.

I’m OSX 10.8.5, Cubase 7.0.7 64-bit. I’ve got the Duet connected via Firewire and can get signal from my synth to the box, and see it getting there. Where I’m stumped is getting the sound in Cubase. Currently, my audio from Cubase gets out from an RME Madi Card (pci-e) and goes to Pro Tools. In Device Setup --> VST Audio System I don’t want to change the ASIO Driver to the Duet and need to keep it as my Madi Card. So I guess my question becomes, do I need to somehow get the Duet INTO the Madi card? I thought that’s why I connected it via Firewire to the tower so it could speak to Cubase, but I guess I’m missing something.

I don’t see it under Devices in Device setup, so do I need to add it somehow?

Sorry for the silly questions-I should know this by now!! I would sincerely appreciate anyone’s help!


Ah! It seems I’ve figured out most of it-it was under OSX’s Audio Utility to create an Aggregate Device! If anyone is trying to use multiple audio interfaces, that’s where to figure it out!