Apogee MiC 96k not working properly

I have Cubase 8.5 running on a MBP w/ El Capitan (though I had the same problem with earlier OSs). I can successfully get the microphone into record mode (green light on the mic itself) by selecting the 96k ASIO driver in the Device Setup window. But by doing that, all my output options go away. In the VST Connections window there is only the 96k option in both the Outputs and Studio drop-downs which does nothing if selected. So, I can successfully record a track but can’t hear other tracks as I record, so it’s impossible to overdub. To hear what I just recorded, plus the other tracks, I have to literally unplug the mic, then go back into Device Setup and select Built-in audio.

Does anyone know of a way to have this mic act like any other audio input device? Thanks.