Apogee One 2.5 Mac Osx. 10.13 High Sierra Cubase 12

I have an Apogee One Mac Book Pro 10.13 High Sierra Cubase 11 Issues with the no recording input and Monitoring. . I installed Driver and everything works. Itunes THU guitar rig and how ever I get no play back from cubase and can’t get a recording signal. I set up the input connections and monitor connections . My Asio is set to the Apogee One. I checked my Mac sound set up and turned off mac mic elimination of feed back looping . I heard that it may be the initial install of cubase and the driver security was not accepted but restarted my computer and immediatly check status of driver security issues . Did not see any . I read that I might have to uninstall the cubase or delete the folders and try to reinstall to get the driver security to pop up . How ever I think it was installed correctly already. Maybe not. And wondering if there are any other people with the same problem and if there is a solution . Thnks