Apogee One

I’m new here so please bare with me. I’ve got my new hot rod 128 gig ipad and want to use the Apogee One with Cuebasis. I need to know if that is possible. My impression is that it will work with Garage Band and that it might require using AUDIOBUS. I’m hoping to go directly into Cuebasis to keep it simple but whatever it takes I’m willing.


i don’t see why your Apogee ONE should not work with Cubasis (haven’t tested it) since it is compatible with Core Audio on iOS.

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I didn’t see it listed in the Cubasic Hardware list. Hopefully It’s not too involved. I was reading that the Music Studio app required it to be used through GarageBand with AUDIOBUS.

I found the answer myself. It’s in the Apogee One user guide where it DOES list Cubasis as an “approved” app. Case officially closed by me.

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If you do go with this, I for one would be interested in how it works out for you. Maybe you might post your experiences with it. Nice iPad by the way.