Apollo for Padshop 2

What’s going on? Can’t open your link with any browser or device.

The link for Apollo is here


Thanks. Looks great

Hi there, recently bought Apollo, but when i tried to activate the product in Download assist it fails, some issues with Elicense control. I already run the latest version and update, etc but i still cannot regist/activate Apollo to start using… Anyone can tell me if it works in your side ?

Maybe you are writing the download code to register. I don’t know why this thing works this way, but you must go to your account in My Steinberg, My Products, search the option “enter download access code”, write the code you got via eMail and the activation code will appear. With this code you activate Apollo using the eLicencer software.

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Hi Knopf, yes you are right!! For some reason i did not received an email notification with the code, but in my Steinberg account it was there :slight_smile: great so 1 part is solved, Now i cannot load the presets from Apollo, even with filters when i select a specific sound does not trigger that, with other preset, sound its ok :frowning:

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Hello Filipe,

that sounds weird. Unfortunately I don’t have a clue what issue you are having. In my end it works alright. Some people sometimes don’t see the patches, but you can see them, but there is no sound.