app data files

Cubase el6 / win7 in a (painful) school network environment
this is a question regarding the app data stored in C:\users…\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg.

the DAW’s in question are on a school network, and all user data, including that quoted above is called over the network, which is causing Cubase to hang whenever the devices\device setup window is closed after making adjustments to settings therein. Cubase also hangs for up to five minutes when attempting to close the application and often crashes in the process. I assume that this is due to settings files not being effectively written over the network.

is it possible to relocate / reroute the settings files and keep them local to the DAW’s - presumably this would mean settings would be global and not on a per user basis; it would actually be preferable to sever Cubase settings from student and staff user accounts if possible.

is it possible to set up a location on the local machine to which data is written during Cubase operation - at present this data is being sent over the network, which is also causing stability issues.

many thanks in advance,