App doesn’t output right channel

App doesn’t play right channel but plays all sounds in mono instead

I just bought an app and right after I launched it I noticed that when I pan anything right - the sound disappears (thou the channel panel shows that both channels are present). When I mixdown the project - panning works as intended, but instruments timing seems to be messed up. I tried it with Smear demo. Event metronom is muted if I pan it to the right. In other apps (Garageband) panning works ok so the problem is not in my tablet or earphones.

Expected result: panning moves sound to any earphone when changed
Actual result: the further panning goes to the right - the lower the sound.All sounds are in mono

I use iPad Pro 11 and AirPods Pro

Hi AntonyConwal,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to reproduce the issue.
Please let us have a detailed report (see form below), to allow us to reproduce the problem.


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I’m having the same issue currently. Came to forum for answer. Just purchased.

1 - pan does not work
2 - create midi music
3 - use mixer and pan a track to left or right
4 - pan to left channel and sound does not go to left; pan to right channel music volume decreases, does not go to right

Hi Pagoopa,

All of this works as expected, when using the internal Cubasis instruments:

Please let us have more details, about your problem.