App refund? - iPad Pro crash repeatable

I am able to replicate a crash on my cb3 on iPad Pro 2018. However, may I get a refund of app and in-app purchases or a suitable fix as this is really not worth of the high price tag.

I’ve tried fresh install, reset iPad and reinstall, turn off/on… but no joy. I feel you have an excellent product here, I really want to use it as my primary mobile DAW, but its just unstable, and that too, with proprietary plugins - I worry that I could work on something and it just crashes. In fact, I’d rather have a save button that I can save when I feel ive done some significant changes.

But I experience very frequent crash that has put me off using this, and I’d wish to ask for money back, £44 for app, plus all in-app purchases, because this isn’t very stable - simply with 10 tracks.

I’m using only ‘internal effects’ and FX 1 pack, all tracks are audio (no midi processing), only 3 tracks from total of 10 racks use send effects.

How it crashes… zoom out so you can see the full 4 min song arrangement and scrub on the time line and app will crash.

More frustrating, is it crashes, I believe when its doing a save state too. I guess because no changes area saved when I restart the app and it takes me back to the previous state. This really kills my workflow and wastes my time, particularly because the sole purpose I got cb3 to use on the train during my 40min commute and travels away from studio. but it crashes numerous times, it just embarrassing at times and unproductive.

im runnig 2019 iPad Pro, should be capable and there’s 10gb spare space so can’t be space issue.

More than happy to email you the project if you tell me how to fix this? Honestly, much prefer a solution than refund - otherwise, how do I get refund? - I only bought June 2022, subsequently I bought all the add on in-app purchase in July (making my total spend £80+), which I can’t use without CB3 crashing - its too unstable I find!.. surely if these are in-app purchases they should have met some sort of standard/stress test (perhaps you do, but needs to stressed further).

Anyways, I look forward to hearing back… fix or refund please.

Woah that sounds rough…
Im trying to understand

So basically you used CB3 as a multitrack recorder?
Are the 3 channels 4 minute audio clips or an arrangement of shorter clips?

By what you describe it surely sounds like the RAM is tapping out
(When ram overflows it will close the app, when the cpu maxes out it will reboot the device)

Im assuming the DSP meter is showing no excessive behaviour…

If you zoom out and turn all effects off and scrub the timeline does it crash also?
(If it doesnt the culprit is clearly with the effects and maybe freezing tracks might avoid crashes. If it still crashes it might the lengthy audio clips and breaking them up into shorter clips might give cb3 some relief.)

I hope the devs have a solution (or refund the app)
Good Luck.

Hi @Naresh,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!
We are sorry to read about your issues.

Please give the following steps a first check:

  1. Load the “New Project” template
  2. Close all running apps, including Cubasis
  3. Fully shut down the iPad

Does Cubasis works as expected when using the app on its own?
Do the crashes appear when introducing 3rd party plug-ins?


Dear Lars.
Tried all three steps, it pretty simple to repeat the crash. I have a block of 10 tracks that’s 4 min. If I scrub along the timeline at the top, it plays music and this it’ll crash.
Failing that, if im playing 16 bars at a time in a loop a subtracting from the arrangement, it’ll crash.
Effectively, I think it gets overloaded and crashes or when it tries to do a save state, it’ll crash. I can tell the latter, because upon crashes, the project is exactly in the state it was when I opened it/saved last. So I think there’s some auto save issue.
I have no other apps running, and I do not use any 3rd party plug in - only native cubasis plugin under ‘internal’ and FX1 pack.

Any ideas?

Nearly. So I have 10 tracks, these tracks have loops in them 8bars long taken from a sample pack mainly. All together I have a 4min techno track arrangement - a sketch anyways, that I wanted to work on further and mix/master all in CB rather than export into Ableton.

Its really simple, but I got a feeling its a ram issue.

Good point about turning off all fx and then testing srubbing. It did make a difference actually, whilst it crashed, it took longer to crash than with things turned on. So perhaps the culprit is the FX and plugin that can’t cope when scrubbing that causes ram to overload, but also, when working on the arrangement, its too unstable and crashes.

The problem is, I think CB3 is really good, others it think say its stable, i wish mine was! I’m tempted to even get new iPad m1 with 16gb ram so this Im sorted for performance - but its expensive route. Alternatively I’ll have to go back to Ableton on my MacBook - only issue is laptop isn’t as portable as iPad.

Hardware is so iffy when it comes to mobile apps
Your device has 4gb ram? (I recogn you dont have the 1TB version lol)
That should be enough [in general]but sadly often it below minimum because we use so many other apps that hog resources (ram - cpu) in the background while not running + all the services the device has itself.
The Operating System often hogs ,up to, 2gb ram.

Anyways, i feel it should be possible to get CB3 running fairly stable on your device.
Are you connected to the internet when you’re using CB?
Being connected triggers a lot of activity in the background (mail,soc media,software/app update checks etc)

Hi Naresh,

Please provide us with a short clip that shows the steps until Cubasis crashes.
In addition, please provide us with the crash report and the project itself.

Please upload all files via Dropbox and let me have the download link via private message.


Hi @Naresh,

Thanks for sharing the files with us, which has been evaluated by our engineering.

We expect the issue to be resolved in the upcoming Cubasis update. For now, please give it a try if increasing latency helps as a workaround.

Thanks again
& stay safe,