APP Store says IC PRO ok for IOS 5.0 and above ?????

I just wasted 16 dollars as after i installed on IPAD 1 and it wouldn’t appear after booting up and linking to computer. Looked on web site and it says .ONLY WORKS with IOS 6.0 and above… Gee thanks ! Maybe someone should change that before thousands of people with an older IPAD spend lots of money for nothing ??? Also I can I get a refund by the way??

2014-02-01 16.23.55.jpg

This pic is a screen capture from the web site. Maybe this info should also BE IN THE APP STORE so Ipad 1 users dont waste 16 dollars??
ios info for APP.jpg

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear that and I can understand your frustration. Unfortunately the system requirements information on the app store can’t be modified.
You can get a refund from Apple for any app you buy. There are many tutorials on Google how to get a refund for an app.