Appaling customer service

I just wanted to vent on here about the horrendous level of support from Steinberg.

I emailed a support question about the eLCC software over 3 weeks ago and apart from the automated reply, have received absolutely no help from the support team. For a company that produces professional products that people rely on for work, this is simply not acceptable.

Unfortunately, apart from moaning about things on forums and social media, these days it seems there is absolutely no option for the consumer to get satisfaction in these cases.

Anyone on this forum actually from Steinberg tech support that can maybe help?

Yours in hope,

Pierce Tee

I just received a response yesterday from customer support request of Aug 3. He apologized and explained that they are overwhelmed with requests at present. Given that Sales (it was a purchase issue) was able to help me solve it within a week, I thought it was decent of him to follow up anyway.

I totally understand your frustration. Just wanted to let you know they are working through the backlog. Here’s hoping they get back to you soon.

In the meantime, maybe if you explain your issue with eLLC someone in the forum may be able to help.

I agree, it should not be how you describe it. Unfortunately in this day, it seems to become the norm. With some exceptions I think there is correlation between price and good support. Everyone wants it cheap, but also wants immediate customer service. Forum users, are giving free customer service, sometimes better than official support.

A couple ides is to actually present the problem here. Also, and probably most likely for future reference, list your computer specs in your signature.

I think Forum Elder, :laughing: Martin Jirsak, might be able to help you. Give him 24 hours.

Good luck! Many have been in your situation and you aren’t alone.

Maybe they are trying harder now to bring their support back to life - I got a reply to my support request sent sometime back in June. I had already been able to solve the problem by myself, but it was still nice to see they are not just ignoring their customers totally. Their backlog must be enormous, though. I’d estimate the tech rep spent around two minutes on my issue and I’m certain the vast majority of their flux of requests fall in the same category.

Let’s hope they can improve, Cubase is great and deserves good support as well.

Thanks for your replies guys,

So, the issue I’m having is that the eLicenser keeps breaking… It’s not stopping my software working, because I have the licenses on a dongle anyway, just excetionally irritating to have 2 pop-ups every time I start Cubase (and 4 when I start Dorico…) I’ve run the eLCC as administrator and the maintenance option there fixes the issue (apparently), and it says that the eLicense is ok. However when I start either Cubase or Dorico, it comes up with the ‘System fingerprint is not valid’ message (twice or 4 times)

What do we reckon?

Cheers again,


Is it the older long dongle (2") or the newer short one (1 1/2")?

When my older one started having similar intermittent problems, replacing it with the newer one solved it. The only other thing I can think of is wear and tear if you unplug and plug a lot.

I have the newer dongle, the license on that works fine, it’s the e-licenser that’s giving me issues…



I had something similar some years ago, for me it turned out to be the Soft eLicenser. I tried all kinds of stuff but I think it was finally sorted by deleting some file on my hard drive.