Hey Steinberg how about Mouse Pads T-shirts Hats etc :smiley:

Or…you can make you’re own by copying a logo and printing it on an iron-on. Over the years there have been several user custom designed Steinberg/Cubase logo’s that are actually MUCH better.

I could use a new lanyard for my dongle. It says Cubase 4 on it.

Or even just stickers for on laptops etc would be great. Native Instruments ships some really nice stickers with their software, transparent backgrounds and all, looks really sweet on my brushed aluminium laptop. Had to take them off because I no longer use Traitor, but I’d happily put some Yamaha/Steinberg stickers on there. Free advertising!

lava lamp please … only joking!

For years I had Cubase SX3 as my desktop back round on my Cubase VST 5 DAW :smiley: That’s a little like putting a bumper sticker on your Toyota that say’s “My other car is a Porche” :mrgreen:

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