APPCRASH : Cubase 8 / on start

문제 서명:
문제 이벤트 이름: APPCRASH
응용 프로그램 이름: Cubase8.exe
응용 프로그램 버전:
응용 프로그램 타임스탬프: 5459524a
오류 모듈 이름: Cubase8.exe
오류 모듈 버전:
오류 모듈 타임스탬프: 5459524a
예외 코드: c000001d
예외 오프셋: 000000000206f610
OS 버전: 6.1.7600.
로캘 ID: 1042
추가 정보 1: e37a
추가 정보 2: e37ab3d4d24739f49e676e35e792b2f8
추가 정보 3: 5159
추가 정보 4: 51595abd4a7d27aadb4cad99166a59de

Hi there, I live in korea, so I can’t transfer the prob message to English, sorry :frowning:

I bought PC (window 7 Ultimate K 64bit ) and setup my cubase 8 on this PC, but it’s not work.

Above message is the prob message.

When I start the program - cubase 8 64bit -, then I can see that message immediately.

In OS Elcapitan, - another PC(mac) - it’s work …

How can I execution my cubase 8 in normal?

T.T plz help me…


As I can see, you are using Cubase 8.0.0. Download and install the latest update Cubase 8.0.35, please.

thank you Martin!

but I alrealy updated to window 7 to 10,

it works,

window 7 have so many potencial prob I think…

thank you for reply! Have a nice day!


I would recommend you to update Cubase anyway.