Appearance: customise mixer colours!

I am looking forward to dicovering more aobut the new c7 features.

however I do want to say I do not like the black appearance.

I was relieved to find that we could recolour the default black of the Project window to a better colour, but the mixer seems to be stuck in black.
I have always thought one of the best things about cubase was its look - considering we stare at it for several hours a day - this is imporant!
In the Preferences dialogue why not include the ability to customise the colour?
Also it would be nice to be able to see the colour changes without having to restart the application. :blush: :mrgreen: :smiley:

Does anbody know what ‘mix console rack colours’ means and what does it do? :neutral_face:


I was experimenting as well with this colours, but because every second change needs a restart of Cubase, I stopped these actions and just try to make some music :laughing:

Is not really WYSIWYG :unamused:

BTW: Looks not that bad, the standard colours. I just get the trackwindow a little bit brighter to see the locaters area (is more grey) more clear.

Mix Console Rack Colors lets you change the colors of the plugin slots - Inserts, Sends, etc.

Unfortunately, it’s broken in 7.0.1 (confirmed issue), and the colors do not change after setting them - Steinberg will need to fix it in 7.0.2.

Thanks for the hint :exclamation:

Now is even more better to concentrate to make music :smiley:


really?? you can change the blue color of the insert slots? and the green color of the eq slot? (I´m on 6.5)

Yep…Gotta give us more color options for the Mixer…

I love the way it all looks to be honest

would love more palette colours in the project window for colouring events etc

Cubase users have different visual limitations, different monitors & different lighting conditions.
I’ve been using Cubase professionally since 1989.
For me the “Black Mixer” is hard to deal with 8-10 hours a day.
Please Steinberg…a little more help in the Preferences. Thanks

and you can change the solo/mute color ?

Look in Preferences --> Appearance --> MixConsole Rack/Fader Colors for a list of what can be customized.

Thanks for reply , but as you can see in my signature , i haven’t yet update Cubase7 .
i hope the mute and solo are on the list

I think it would help to have some set up starting points that come as standard as templates that users can select & customise, ‘set up’ sets if you get my meaning so if they don’t want a black mixer they can opt out. I totally empathise with your situation if working on it professionally all day.

Must say I had mine toned down 'blacker" than the default, so I like the new mixer’s ‘blacker’ looks

but by far its how it all works now, and its sounding great

(but I still think we should have an extened colour palette for colours in the arrange view) :sunglasses: I keep asking… and one day :laughing: