Apple 'abandons' QuickTime on Windows

Where does this leave Cubase with its reliance on QT?

Not really news, they announced that a long time ago.
There has been no official announcement from Steinberg AFAIK, but I hear from other people in the video industry that everyone are busy coding.
It could very well be a good thing.

There is a statement from Steinberg here in case anyone missed it:

What exactly is the dependence of Cubase on QT? Is it only for vid?


^ Great, thanks!

If you don’t use the video functions in Cubase just trash Quicktime (like I did). Cubase still runs fine for the audio portion.

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Hi folks,

I did adamantly state last year that I was never going to contribute another post to his forum again, but this recent loss of video facility has really messed me up big time.

I purchased Cubase 8.5 recently and have since been receiving prompts about the necessity to update to the latest version of QuickTime. Now that I have, I find out about the security risk and have had to uninstall and also run a system restore.

Despite me being on the mailing lists for Steinberg notifications, I received nothing whatsoever about this? And therefore this security risk has been sitting on my PC for at least three months! It was only through serendipity this weekend that the QuickTime issue was kindly brought to my attention.

Apparently, the security risk lies withing the PLAYER and so I tried just installing the CODECS, however to no avail.

I followed the LINK which Grim kindly posted and was quite disappointed to read the lame bail out statement from Steinberg. A very poor show indeed which ever way you look at it.

I have been an Award wining professional musician for over 30 x years and spent nearly 2000_GBP with Steinberg in the past 4 x years alone. That is a lot of money and I have been an extremely loyal customer as well as encouraging my pupils to purchase from Steinberg! I am 14 x minutes into rewriting a soundtrack for a film and now I have to abandon everything until this issue is resolved. Steinberg, in hindsight, have had adequate opportunity and forewarning to prevent this scenario from happening. Personally, I think it is ridiculous and also an insult to those of us who’s lives depend upon being a successful musician.

This really needs to be sorted out once and for all at the soonest possible date. The replacement dongle was over 6 x months behind schedule (which again caused massive disruption for my work and teaching), and so I hope this is resolved within an acceptable time frame.

btw - Every comment stated above is 100% true and without exaggeration.

Thank you.

Paul David Seaman (UK)

Eh? This was all over the news.


I think your anger is misplaced. Video codecs don’t grow on trees. Steinberg didn’t drop support, Apple did. If you want to get mad, blame Apple.

As for the notification - Apple discontinuing quicktime support has been all over the news.

I see no reason you can’t continue to use Cubase if you’re mid-project. Apple yanking support means that they will no longer be providing security updates. If you’re worried, disconnect from the internet, do your work, and move on.


I don’t think you need the player to run the video engine. You just need the libraries.

A quite large part of our industry has relied on QT for a long time, so from that standpoint it was logical for Steinberg to pick it as part of video functionality. Of course from another standpoint one shouldn’t trust Apple as far as standards and longevity goes, we learned that close to two decades ago.

But regardless, this is a problem because of Apple.

Seriously though, no you don’t. If you’re an award winning professional musician writing for film then I’m betting you’re getting paid for this and your time is valuable. You’ll be much better off just unplugging your computer from the internet if you’re paranoid about this and don’t want to uninstall only the QT Player while leaving the libraries.

I don’t think they had forewarning about a security risk that Apple wouldn’t fix because they’d drop support. Maybe I missed something.

Hello Tp,

Not sure if you are based here in the UK or not, but I do try to follow Sky News and occasionally BBC News and Channel 4 News. I have not heard anything about the QuickTime Player issues on any of these programmes? And that it the honest truth!

Admittedly, I am busy and some things do pass me by because a lot of one’s life as a musician can be bordering on somewhat solitary at times!



Hi Tom,

Well personally I feel it was a very bad error in judgement on Steinberg’s behalf to have a video facility which is solely reliant upon Apple! Not only that, I thought it would be obvious not to rely upon a software which is made by Apple and runs on a WINDOWS platform (no doubt a devious ploy on Apples part)! A recipe for disaster in my eyes and it has rebounded on Steinberg now (and also their unfortunate customers). Also, I never trusted Apple after they did the dirty on their Logic customers using PC a while back (many of my colleagues were affected by this).

Anyway, Steinberg should have at least had a back up plan and designed their own Video/Codec etc instead of relying on an unpredictable capitalist company.



Hello NYC,

Not sure what you quite mean here to be honest? I tried installing everything bar the PLAYER but it would not work. And I assume Steinberg have made it so that the Video facility will not run on a substitute such as ‘VLC’ or whatever? Though I may be incorrect? Just going by what he manual says.

Yes, it is. But again, Steinberg were obviously stupid to rely on them because look at the situation hey are in now!?

I did not mean to gloat or otherwise, but just highlighting the point that there will be many professionals out there who will be equally frustrated by this predicament. I am Self-Employed (always have been) and so I only get paid if I actually DO something! Musicians wages have actually risen far below what the level should be and there are a number of factors for this. But that is another discussion entirely I am sure you would agree. What I am saying is it is more and more difficult to make a living as a musician unless of course you are lucky enough to be in the top bracket (which I am admittedly not). In a world where everything is reliant on technology this kind of recent scenario really adds salt to the wound.

I just meant by Apples past devious tactics and reputation as decribed above in Toms’ reply.



Hi again,

I notice the Steinberg statement is nearly 3 x months old.

At the very least they should have posted an UPDATE by now! It will probably fizzle on like the recent DONGLE situation did last year for 9 x months . . .

Yes I am angry, but justifiably so.



I would recommend contacting support to get a clear step-by-step guide on how to get it done, or ask in the Nuendo section. I have personally not bothered with it because I find the odds of getting hit by this pretty minimal. To get hit I would have to either open a dubious file or visit a malicious website. So I can either be more cautious or simply disconnect from the web on the machines in question.

But anyway, if memory serves me you either have the option of what to install during the installation phase. There would be a dialog box where you choose what to install. Or you’d have the option on uninstall, depending on how you go about it. I’ve asked the question in the Nuendo section in a Quicktime thread, so if you keep your eye on it hopefully someone will give detailed instructions.

Yes, I don’t disagree with the above. But it’s exactly because it’s more important to keep working than to mess around with the workstation that I’m saying that’s the better option. I mean, your situation could of course be different, but it sounds like it’s actually pretty similar to mine. I’m on the post side as well, though as an engineer. So since this issue came up I’ve still worked on my computer because I’d rather do that and take the risk than stop working and wasting time with the setup. That was really my only point.


Thanks a lot. That is a sensible reply thank you.

Yes, I am different you in that apart from having a small home hobby studio, most of my work is gigging/teaching and I don’t do any engineering stuff. I mean I can MIX and stuff to an amateur level, but I am not professional in that sense. And obviously I can arrange/compose/transcribe etc.

I hear what you are saying and that does make sense. My gripe would be that I uninstalled the QT and wound back my PC at the weekend as you know. I will have to sleep on it I think. If I do, I will probably Skype Steinberg Team on Monday next to double check.

btw - I am just downloading a Win_10 UPDATE and it has taken 90 x mins so far!!!

I am not going to complain in this thread anymore as I have said my piece, people have responded and it’s time to move on. I was bloody furious though and I am sure that came across! I never meant to offend any individual(s) personally.

But in any event, are we closer to hearing any news about this new Codec/Video as yet please?



Hi again,

Which is the best section of the forum site to post questions specifically relating to the VIDEO tool in Cubase_8 please? eg. ‘How to’ type questions etc . . .




Sorry, I’m not sure where it’s best to ask. I’d crosspost in both the Cubase section and in the Nuendo 7 section. I bumped an old thread because of this but haven’t heard back about specific install instructions.

Cheers Mattias,

I am already on a final warning for mis-posting, and so I did not want to risk opening a thread in the wrong place again!

You mentioned Nuendo earlier actually.

I thought that there may have been a dedicated section for the VIDEO users like ourselves, but many of the questions appear to be somewhat randomly scattered!