Apple/Command Key not working

I had previously use command/spacebar like Pro Tools for Record in Cubase…but Even when I go into Key Commands and try to add the command key for anything, it doesn’t register. Like it’s not working. It works in other programs.


On Mac Cmd+Spacebar is reserved to call Spotlight, isn’t it?

Well, I’ve got that turned off - as my Function keys all correspond to different Cubase commands e.g. F4 is the output tab in connections. Just really weird.

I just confirmed that the command key is working in other programs. I connected a second bluetooth keyboard and I’m having the same problem.

Looks like none of my modifier keys will work when trying to assign key commands.

Could you try in the Safe Start Mode?

How do I do that?

OK - really even more weird. Command + anything else works when attempting to add a key command e.g. command+t, etc…but not command+spacebar…

space works…option+space…etc, but not command+space.

John Kenn, whats up bro?

Relax a bit. Command + Spacebar is already assigned to Spotlight Search.

The problem is Spotlight Search key command is enabled in the System Prefs in OSX.

Do this:

System Pref/Spotlight, click on Keyboard Shortcuts, then UNCLICK the Show Spotlight Search box.

Now you can assign that key command in Cubase to Command plus spacebar, however, toggle is already assigned to that so its your call.

Hope this helps.