Apple Ends Support for QuickTime for Windows; New Vulnerabil

Well that’s disconcerting . . .

Are Cubase and Nuendo’s video engines still based on Quicktime?

Are Cubendo users now at risk?

QT never was very accommodating to Windows users — is there a video engine rewrite in the works?

Thanks for any insight!!

Cubase and Nuendo users on Windows who use video and have QuickTime installed are now at risk. I started a similar topic before I saw yours … I have a link to the Trend Micro (AV) press announcement here.

The above-linked CERT article links to the Trend Micro page as well.

In light of these new zero-day vulnerabilities, I’d say that the status and security of Cubendo’s video handling is now critical.

Can anyone offer any insight regarding Steinberg’s efforts to end its (and its customers’) reliance on QT?

There is a statement from Steinberg here in case anyone missed it: