Apple iPod simulator?

Hi All.

Mixing nowadays also requires a check with small in ear or iPod like headphones, as a lot of people listen to their music with mp3 players.

We discovered that the following two scenarios give different result.

Scenario 1

Plug (with an adapter) original white apple iPod/iPhone headphones directly to the master output (in my case a Mackie Big Knob).

Scenario 2

Make a mixdown of the song. Convert it to mp3. import it in iTunes. Load it on the iPhone/iPod, Listen to it with original white Apple iPod/iPhone headphones.

I discovered that these two scenarios give quite different sonic results.

Does anyone know if there is a plugin or a hardware processor simulating the iPod frequency response so that the mix can be adjusted in realtime using the Apple headphones?

I’ll be happy for any kind of input.

Thank you.


I think most of the difference you hear is because of the mixdown to MP3.
I think Ipods have a number of EQ presets, so you might want to check if your Ipod has flat EQ or not.

Yes, my iPod is set to flat.

There is also a difference if it is Cubase encoding MP3 or if I export regular audio on a CD and than import it in iTunes.

Again, it would be nice if there would be some kind of VST/processor that can reproduce all those differences.

I tried it with an EQ (Waves), however the result was far from close the the real thing.


I guess this is close to what you ask for:

It’ll let you audition your master through various data compression formats. It’s pretty expensive though.

Thank you.
That’s exactly what I need.