Apple Loop Support


Would anyone else appreciate support for Apple Loops (.caf) in the Media Bay? Especially on the Mac side … I get collaborators all the time with large collections of Apple Loops that I need to access in Cubase. It’s possible to convert them to .aiff but without any metadata so they’re pretty useless. I usually end up being forced into using Logic…

Steinberg’s not in the Loop business, so support for Acid and Apple loops makes sense … especially in a comprehensive MediaBay environment…




PS can anyone recommend a library of Acid loops which roughly parallel the Apple Jam Packs? That is, a large collection with a wide range of styles, instruments, genres, ?

Reviving an old thread I guess… Say, ltf3, if y ou could edit the subject to say Apple .caf Files instead of Apple Loops that would be great, since loops is just one of many thing .caf files can contain.

+1 for .caf support, not only in media bay but as a replacement for aiff, which is apparently what Apple has implemented it for.

You can read about it here: