Apple M2 processor and Cubase 12

Hi. Anyone here using the latest Macbook Air with M2 and Cubase? Is it working natively or do you use Rosetta? How is the performance?


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase 12 is working natively at M1 and M2.

I received my mac mini with Apple M2 Pro chip today, but Cubase 12 absolutely does not work on it?! Are there people who also have these problems?

Cubase starts up, but that’s about it

same with me . Got the Mac mini today with the M2 Pro config. cubase starts and hang
using Rosetta

I have been running C12 native for about 15 months now. Works perfectly. Hardly had a single issue with it.

Had to reinstall the activation manager manually on one occasion but other than that ot has been great.

Hi Martin
I have a new Mac Studio Max M2 with an SSL 12 interface (ventura osx)
Don’t work on the input channel…crack and crack and cracking with Cubase 12
The same Interface work perfect on my Macbook air M1 with the same osx and Cubase 12.
Work perfect on Logic (Original of course) on my Mac studio max M2
I have try several times to make a clean installation from zero…(system and cubase)…
but don’t work.
The performance was orrible with the same instruments and arrangement i have peak every 10 second…on logic no problem…like a 4 track arrangement and not 25 (Orchestra)
Natively or with rosetta i have serious problem.
The next film with Logic?
Let me know a.s.a.p.

Someone mentioned using it under Rosetta 2, so maybe the issue is there and not with M# Native.

I basically got rid of anything that wasn’t M# Native when I got my M1 Pro MBP, so I never have run Cubase 12 under Rosetta 2. And Since I don’t have any non-Native plug-ins I don’t see a point in doing so just to test it. But I wonder if the issue lies in that specific scenario.

No joy here at all with the new MacStudio. A simple little project with 1 Cubase Rack instance with 3 instruments works just fine on laptop Intel All 3 sounds when I play on the keyboard… When the very same project on the M2 produces no sound and only 1 of the 3 faders in the Cubase mixer shows activity. On the Intel machine all 3 mixers channels light up as they should. The output appears to getting lost in Cubase somewhere, but I don’t know where!