Apple Mac Pro 16 + Cubase feedback ?

Hello fellow Cubase users.

I am about to say goodbye to my Hackintosh, and go back to an “official” Apple computer.

Whistle Steinberg says it is better to have less cores, but better frequency processors. However, i was wondering if anyone had feedback with the latest Mac Pro and Cubase ?

I am hesitating between the iMac i9 8 cores (soon to be updated to a possible 10 core) or a 16 Core Mac Pro. I work in film and game scoring, so i easily have up to 1 500+ tracks at once (i have the whole score in one session). For the moment to achieve this, i need to deactivate lots of tracks and render in place. The goal here is to have all my track open at once. I can work with 2048 buffer size, i don’t do live recording.

I know i can get very good results with the i9, but i wanted some feedback with Cubase users and the Mac Pro. I know there is a youtube video review, but it is with Logic. How well does it perform ? Is it a game changer ?


Also looking at the new Mac Pro, is anyone using it with Cubase, Dorico and VEP currently? We’d be moving from a 3.0 10core iMac Pro, I have to imagine there would be a significant performance bump. I recently re-confirmed with someone at Steinberg that more speed over more cores is still ideal, and that the 3.2GHz 16-core is a good choice. But any feedback about the new machine would be welcome.