Apple Magic Trackpad

I just ordered Magic Trackpad from Apple.
Is there anybody else out there having experience with this unit working with Nuendo or Cubase :question:

I use one…and a wireless Apple keyboard. No issues. They are sensitive though. Takes time to get used to them.

Does zooming in project window work in “tracpad way”, or do I have to use the standard application way?

Aloha guys,

Works great but I have gone thru two since this thread was posted
about a year and a half ago.

I am now on my third one and each time so far,
I just miss the warranty period.

Just a lil info.

Hello Folks,

Mine too (trackpad) - after almost a year it would not work after booting or resuming from sleep mode. But I can get it back by either opening the battery compartment (batteries are all fine) and close it again, or by turning the trackpad completely off and then back on again. This is just a little annoying but I can live with it - and once it totally dies on me, I will get another one, for me they work better than mice :slight_smile:.

Cheers, Roland

Zooming by pinching doesn’t work (well not for me) so you have to use the Cubase commands, but otherwise the trackpad is excellent. Mine’s only about a year old though and I didn’t realise they could stop working after that time.