Apple Music announces Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos

Will there be a workflow to create content for Apple music in Nuendo?

Would love to hear what deliverables are required for this new service


Usually the specs are given to people who contribute to the Apple Music store, or are developers.

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If they mean “… Atmos; lossless Audio …” in a single context, it means “Dolby TrueHD”. DD+ is a lossy format. Both can carry Dolby Atmos.

It would be new to me, if lossless transmission of multi-channel audio (5.1 and beyond) would be used for steaming. So far, I know only of DD+ with Dolby Atmos coming from e.g. Netflix (movies) or Tidal music.

Or they mean certain music in “lossless”, like FLAC 2.0 or its equivalents, and other (lossy) music in DD+, which can carry Dolby Atmos?

LG, Juergi

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good points.
I think it will be stereo = lossless (44.1Khz 24bit) and some spatial not lossless, I guess DD+ would make sense from their pov.
The question is will they accept ADM files for delivery? aka will we be able to create such content with what is currently in Nuendo or will there be extra authoring tools required?

By accepting ADM files, ‘Avidplay’ distributes Dolby Atmos to platforms (For example, Tidal, Amazon Music) that support Dolby Atmos.

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Hi There,

I am a long time Cubase / Nuendo User.
This Dolby Atmos thing makes me feel a little… confused. And I’d like to have your opinion.

As a musician and engineer, mixing in multichannel is very exciting…! During the mid 2000’s, I was one of those who believed very strongly in the 5.1 for music (SACD, DVD audio)… but, this is (of course…) not what happened. (at all!)
Now with Apple Music announcing Dolby Atmos, I wonder if this is going to be the same thing again.
Ok, Dolby Atmos is another story. I would LOVE to be part of it, to believe in this. But are you sure people will really find an improvement in their musical experience ? (I mean, in everyday life)
99,99% of the listeners will hear the binaural downmix in their AirPods. Or maybe I’m wrong…
Is it necessary to make a beautiful Dolby Atmos mix using a (pricey) 7.1.4 setup knowing people will hear only the binaural version ?
And also, who is willing to pay for an Atmos mix ? (in pop music - except the big names like Coldplay, The Weeknd - which, I think - is a partnership with Dolby…).
Speaking of binaural, I think it is great for video games, podcast and experimentation, but I never could really find a great use in pop music.

Just wanted to know what you think about that…

Thanks !


have a listen, with headphones… I did my first experiments in the last two weeks and I’m impressed what is possible…
and today I found this…