Apple Pencil - how would you use yours?

I have one of the capacitive pens around the $20 mark that works just about perfect with my older iPad and Symphony, as the iPad is too old for Dorico (older O/S) .

Although the pen is precise enough, I’ve not found it to be a great experience - okay but not great and not the pen’s fault. I find myself using the other software’s piano keyboard for input in the same style as the Dorico iPad input appears to be.

It does work well as sort of a precision mouse, for selecting both music and features like accidentals or whatever. In fact I think that sums up my experience that using the pen is a bit like using Dorico or Notion or whatever exclusively with the mouse. Which I personally find tiring, Though I am glad to have the iPad option, it is a relief when I’m back on the laptop.

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I hope Steinberg will add something like Letraset Dry Transfer for music characters. To enter a symbol, you’ll have to quickly and tightly rub over the symbol to be attached to the score.

(Just kidding – but wouldn’t it be fun?)



Actually, voice recognition would be faster and more accurate than pencil for note input: “C sharp crotchet enter eighth note higher B natural interval third below slur on enter chord symbol E seventh alt over D enter two beats rest chord F minor major seventh enter slur off dotted quarter notes doh ra me enter hairpin twelve ascending triplet quavers in E diminished whole tone scale enter”
There you go. Patent’s on me.

Also, this kind of voice recognition would apply equally to desktop and iPad.
And would assist inputting lyrics.

(OT and apologies in advance: Just remember to turn off the little mic symbol when finished dictating otherwise vocalist at your next gig will be singing “will-you-shut-the-f-up-while-I’m-trying-to-write-this.”

Incident drawn from lived experience as my wife will testify. Not that she really swears like that. )

OT: Have you ever read Eric Fenby’s Delius as I Knew Him? There are many examples of (the by then blind) Delius verbalising his musical thoughts for Fenby to put down on paper.

Oh wonderful! I’ll check that out.