Apple Pencil issues?

I am having a lot of problems using the Apple Pencil to select options and checkboxes, the app crashes when I use the Apple Pencil to open the bottom bar that displays the options when I select the colored checkbox.

Are you using the latest 5.0.11 update, Martin? The behaviour of the Apple Pencil should be much improved in the latest build.

I have the last beta 5.0.20

I’m unable to reproduce that problem on my own iPad. What version of iPadOS are you running?

IPad Pro gen 3 m1 iOS 16.5.1 Apple Pencil 2

Please collect the crash report(s) via Settings > Privacy > Analytics, zip them up, and attach them here. (17.1 KB)

It happens with other boxes as well

Thanks for the reports. I’m unable to reproduce this myself (same version of iPadOS but a different model of iPad) but I will ask my colleagues if they have any clues what else we might be able to do to solve this.

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All works fine here, too. I’m unable to reproduce that problem.
I selected a note with the pencil, opened the bottom zone with apple pencil, and checked/unchecked several different items, including “Color” with no problem. Also using 5.0.20 with iPadOS 16.5.1

Did you try a new Apple tip on your pencil? That was the first thing I did when things didn’t work right.

I’ve already tried re-installing the app and nothing, I don’t think the tip has anything to do with it since the Apple Pencil is new and it’s the only app that “freezes” when I use it.