Apple Remote – any chance getting it to function?

Hello there fellow Cubasers,

I’m up and running with Cubase LE 5, a MacBook Pro (Mid 2010) and Snow Leopard with all latest updates and what not. Cubase activated and ready to roll, except for the Apple Remote. No matter what I try, it simply won’t work in harmony with Cubase – despite there being an option for the Apple Remote under Device Setup… / Remote Devices. (Edit: But the Apple Remote works perfectly anywhere else, such as iTunes. It’s only with Cubase that I can’t get it to work.)

Also, (I’m unsure whether this is Cubase or my audio hardware), but at times the audio gets cut off completely when I have multiple instances of say, HalionOne, and the only way to get audio back is to reset ASIO from within Cubase. As I record Cubase output directly to MiniDisc, this is often a very unfortunate affair. Any chance there is a fix for this? Thank you!


I just checked it here and you are right. It doesn’t work with Cubase LE 5. However, I think that this is rather a limitation by design and someone forgot to remove the entry. Sorry, I guess there’s no fix for this.

Which audio interface are you using? Do these dropouts occur with both the external interface and the built in audio?
What about the VST performance? Is there a disk or ASIO overload to be seen?

Currently I am using the Built-in Audio device. Taking a look at the VST Performance window I see no overload in either disk or CPU performance. This issue happens randomly though; at times everything’s perfect and at other times not. I think there might be something external to Cubase affecting this issue (I’ve noticed less problems if I start Cubase directly after a reboot).

However, I disagree with you on the Apple Remote matter. Taking a look at the downloads for Cubase LE 5 (, there is a document for Remote Control Devices to be found, which clearly indicates compatibility with the Apple Remote. Here’s the entry:

Apple Remote (Macintosh only)
Many Apple computers come with an Apple Remote Control,
a small hand-held device akin to TV remote controls. It
allows you to remotely control certain program features.
For a description of the parameters and functions of the Apple
Remote Control, please refer to the Operation Manual.

Steinberg has provided Cubase LE 5 with non-functioning support for the Apple Remote, despite promising such support. If this truly was done in error, the document would have been updated a long time ago. I would really like to have the Apple Remote working, can Steinberg not release an update? Thank you.

(Edit: And if I remember correctly, Cubase LE 4 included support for the Apple Remote and had no issues with it.)