Apple Silicon CPU dropouts

I’m experiencing CPU dropouts using direct monitoring in Apple Silicon mode. The same project in Rosetta 2 works perfectly. It doesn’t matter where I set the buffer size either. I’m using an Apollo Twin for tracking, is it possible that it’s because the UAD Console and UAD 2 plugins still haven’t got Apple Silicon support?

I would try it with the onboard audio to see if that is indeed the source of your issues.

UAD Console and UAD2 plugins do have Apple Silicon support, they work fine together.
The problem with UAD2 plugins is that they are VST2, so the latest Steinberg apps will not load them in native mode, only in Rosetta2.
But that would not cause any drop outs in native mode, only the plugins will not load.

I have had no drop out experiences with my Mac Studio Max-UAD Console-Apollo x8p-Cubase 12 and/or Nuendo 12 (or WaveLab 11) with UAD2 plugins (VST2) or UADx plugins (VST3). Have been running smoothly since last May.
MacOS 12.6.

It is the stock tuner plugin that causes the dropouts in native mode. I pretty much only use the input monitor for the tuner as I monitor from the UAD console, and I didn’t even expect it to be the culprit.

Would you be able to check if it causes any issues for you?