Apple switches to ARM chips

So Apple announced a switch to ARM CPUs aka ‘Apple Silicon’ at WWDC

PG I wondered if you had thoughts or comments on how this will affect the future development roadmap of Wavelab.

Will we have an awkward in between phase as we did with the transition from PPC to Intel I wonder?
I’m thinking I might need an Intel Mac to get me through say 18 months to 2 years until things have settled down and all the kinks ironed out.
(Currently my 2 production machines are 6 core Cheesegrater Mac Pros from 2012 with HDX cards)
This is the year I picked to switch to Wavelab Pro from S*undblade, and so far I have been loving it: (apart from the no attended sessions no outside lunch breaks etc etc)


There is a need for reliable programming solutions that work well ARMs, before considering any ARM development for WaveLab. I mean, no time to loose. I prefer to wait until the transition is as easy as possible. Each year there are already some quirks with each new OSX version, hence I can be scared when the CPU change too!

Also, it remains to be seen, how performances will change compared to Intel. I am a bit skeptical (today at least), about any benefit for high-end machines. The ARM switch sounds more like a money strategy for Apple than a global technical advantage. In the same time, I wish to be wrong.

It seems so far that Apple declares non-compatible machines after about ~7 year (Mac Pro saga). Hence if you buy something today, think about it as an investment that won’t last more than 7 years.

For the time being, and until WaveLab 11 inclusive, no development time will be spent by me for ARM support.

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Hi Phillippe,

Well, thank you for that honest and clear response. I wish other app developers and companies could be as clear in their guidance.
As a developer, I wonder are you eligible for the Apple developer ARM based Mac Mini kit?

I think I might pimp my 2018 Mac Mini with an eGPU and make that my main rig for a couple of years.
Either that or look out for a refurb iMac pro

…but that sounds like a different thread


As a developer, I wonder are you eligible for the Apple developer ARM based Mac Mini kit?

I guess yes, but even if the postman delivers one to me on tomorrow, I don’t think I would spend time to check it this year :slight_smile:

What concerns me now is that Catalina is a little rough around the edges now. A lot of software doesn’t work at all, or not quite right. What motivation do developers have to perfect Catalina when a new OS and CPU are on the horizon?

I was about to get a Mac Pro for work, but I decided to stay on Windows for the next few years. Since our studio is independent, we have the freedom to use Windows. Plus, I think Steinberg products work a little better in Windows.


Now that the Mac M1 chip is out then has there been any further progress in making Wavelab silicon ready? With fantastic single core performance, the new Mac Mini looks like a great computer to have in the mastering studio.

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