Apple Trackpad with Cubase

I’m new to cubase, Coming from Studio one where i could do everything with the trackpad like zooming in and out and scrolling in the mixer view, I’ve download Cubase Pro 10.5 but I see that I can’t use the trackpad for zooming in and out and not does it scroll normally (very fast…) Is it my issue or is cubase not compatible with the trackpad

This is probably in my top requests for Cubase. You right it’s doesn’t see it as a trackpad but as a pointing device.
I’m sure many many people would appreciate full trackpad functionality and I’m not sure what the reason is it’s not implemented. It could be an apple thing , it could just be not that important or too difficult for Steinberg.
As it stands Cubase is great but when you start building up the tracks the GUI becomes slow,framey,jerky,unresponsive,laggy…you name it. The whole thing needs throwing out and starting again in that respect.

It should have been implemented already. I do not know what is the hold back.
I use this tool for trackpad zoom in Cubase.

Just program G and H 4-5 consecutive times for a normal zoom in/out behavior

Wow, can’t believe that. It’s really holding me back from diving in to Cubase as my main DAW

You can press CMD and two finger scroll on the trackpad for zoom but it’s not a smooth animation which is annoying when everything else on the Mac is so smooth

+1000 !!!

Steinberg, fix it!


Steinberg, FIX IT !

Cubase is lagging way behind with basic stuff like this.

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Steinberg, how do you treat your customers? Why?!

Related but unrelated - can someone actually release a trackpad for PC? Our only options from major manufacturers are discontinued models from Windows 8 days…

Vote for this feature too. It’s slowing down my current workflow forcing me to use mouse on large and important projects.
Dear Steinberg please implement trackpad support.