Apple Vision Pro and Dorico?

I have just skimmed the Apple Vision Pro introduction page on the Apple website.
Will users be able to use Dorico without a mouse (or touchpad) and keyboard when using Apple Vision Pro?

I don’t know, but there’s an interesting post on FB about it…

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Lol! That post and the comments are pretty great.

It’s been announced less than 24 hours ago; won’t be available till next year; and costs $3,500.!!!

I know it. It was a simple question out of curiosity. I am unable to purchase the Apple Vision Pro. It is too expensive.

and only in the US!
I was wondering this morning how long would it take for this post to appear! John’s post is hilarious.

I’m not planning on buying the Vision Pro, but I’m dying to hear if any Doricians are planning on it! Specifically I’m interested in the differences between using it as a native iPad app, vs. using it as a giant monitor for the Mac version. It seems like you could be running both simultaneously, perhaps?

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I’ll buy it if I can sketch on my living room wall (left) and orchestrate on my north wall… all using my fingers to engrave :slight_smile: